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Ophthalmic Range For PCD Franchise Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. is a top eye care pharmaceutical company in India to bring you a quality range of eye drops, ophthalmic capsules, ophthalmic gels etc. We deal in eye care products which meet your day to day demands for better eye drug solutions. Pharma marketing has a great opportunity for all those who seriously intend to start their own business or extend an arm to ophthalmic drug market. We are inviting people across India to become a member of our business opportunity – Monopoly based PCD franchise/ pharma franchise for the ophthalmic range.

Widest range of eye care range is offered at Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd.. Our business venture offers you a chance to explore the wide ophthalmic drug market. We constantly bring newer formulations looking at the increasing demands of consumers everywhere. The pharma franchise deals are open for all those who are hard-working and compassionate for better future. You will be offered support in forms of marketing and promotion along with exciting offers when you become a member of our company as PCD franchise venture.

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Ophthalmic Range Products and Medicines for Pharma Franchise

Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. specializes in eye medicines. When looking for eye products in PCD franchise opportunities, our company is the best. We bring you more than 50+ ranges of eyecare medicines covering different drug solutions. These cover medicines used for treating allergic conjunctivitis, irritation, sinusitis, burning, and discomfort in the eyes along with inflammation and pain related with cataract surgery or any eye treatment causing problem. Our ophthalmic medicines cover different drugs for eye ailments like:
  • Antihistamine eye medicines
  • Antibiotic for eye problems
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Lubricant
  • Corticosteroid (steroid hormone)
  • Laxative solution
  • Synthetic glucocorticoid
  • Decongestant (vasoconstrictor or sympathomimetic agent)
  • Analgesic range etc.

What Makes Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. ‘Leading Ophthalmic PCD Franchise Company in Haridwar Uttarakhand?

Carving a niche in eye range, Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted ophthalmic franchise companies in India. We bring a complete solution for eye ailments like allergy, eye injection, pain encircling eyes, etc. The constant aim is to improve the quality for drug formulations for better results. We have been considered the best for pharma franchise eye range due to the following reasons:
  • High Quality DCGI Approved Drug Solutions
  • GMP & WHO Certified Ophthalmic Manufacturing Facilities
  • Wide Network of Distributors Across India
  • Wide Variety of Eye Medicines

Join Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. For Better Ophthalmic Product Franchise Opportunity in Haridwar Uttarakhand

If you want to start your own business or want to PCD franchise in eye medicines then Twenty Twenty Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. welcomes all. Our company has an attractive range available at affordable rates. Here, you will enjoy GMP-WHO certified manufactured products that are made under the guidance of experts. By being our associate you get multiple benefits:
  • Free of Cost Marketing Tools
  • Attractive Incentive Schemes
  • Monopoly Marketing Rights
  • Quick Deliver Systems
  • Affordable Pricing Policy